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Choosing the best program for your individual needs.

Here at Conquer Addictions we believe finding the right treatment program and facility is critical to long-term recovery in a real-world environment. For alcohol and drug addictions and co-occurring mental health issues. With our program options you will gain practical life skills in a functional setting similar to a home environment. Proven programs that teach coping skills to practice throughout your recovery and treatment, plus aftercare support following treatment. We prepare you for a confident transition, when you are ready and healthy enough to return to everyday life.

30 Day

30 Day Rehab

First-time treatment clients
People who may be on a time constraint, such as business owners or those who can’t take off that much work.
Drug & Alcohol users that are considered “light” users.

Long Term

90 Day Rehab

Gender specific treatment centers
Holistic based treatment
12-step based treatment
Case Management

Sober Living

Sober Living

A safe, sober environment for early recovering addicts.
Support from ones with the same circumstances.
Structured environments


Outpatient Rehab

Intensive outpatient
Partial hospitalization
Therapy and counseling services
Adaptability to the changing needs of the patient

We help our clients discover new hope, reclaim their lives and gain the skills needed for long-term recovery in the real world.


Highly Experienced and Dedicated Treatment Teams – We work with treatment teams made up of psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists, nurses, clinical care coordinators, and life recovery coaches.

Affordable Programs – Get access and help with finding very effective and affordable treatment that fits your individual needs.

Family Intensive Programs – Incorporating loved ones into the treatment is part of the overall recovery process. Implementing planned family therapy sessions, family education, and family weekends.

Sobriety for Real Life – Our programs provide practical skills and include routine opportunities to practice these real-life coping skills in real-world settings throughout South Florida.

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